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The Wanderbus Story



SEEKING wild adventure


We are Iliana + Leo
building a business around what we love

We crave an adventurous, self-sufficient, wholesome life. We came up with this wild idea to bring some of the things we love together, and build a photo booth inside of our Volkswagen bus. We are passionate about vintage vehicles, documenting history, and finding the magic in life. And we are building our dream.


48.4573° N, 122.6378° W

The Wander Bus Story


always fixing up old things and finding creative ways to bring dreams to fruition

The Wander Bus Story

photographer/explorer/agate hunter

always planning the next trip

and taking calls on my landline

What we are all about...

We are adventurous storytellers and explorers who come from people who traveled the world by land and sea and valued working with your hands. We believe in adventure and feel it is the spice in life + love. We feel called to wander, and to return home--sometimes all at once. We believe in the power of story. We love the joy our business brings to others, and we look forward to working with you!


The Wanderbus Story
So much fun!

The Wanderbus Story fit in perfectly with our venue and our guests had a blast! It was the perfect favor for our wedding guests and our wedding guest book looks so great! Iliana and Leo were so great and made the experience a 10 out of 10! --Tori & Steven, Union Depot, Pueblo, CO

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