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The Wander Bus Story
The Wander Bus Story
The Wander Bus Story
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Road Trip In Our VW Bus To A Wedding On The Colorado River

We were a blur of orange in the midst of a Colorado summer as we cruised up I-70 in our VW bus towards one of our big weddings of the season. We were on our way towards Rancho Del Rio, CO after a quick stop at a local food truck in downtown Greeley for fresh sandwiches, and we were buzzing with summer energy. Heading straight towards the mountains as the sun slowly made its way behind them, we left the windows down and turned up the music while we stared out at the landscape and reviewed wedding details. We stopped off at a gas station in Silverthorne and met a couple of older gentleman who ran over to the bus to say hi and take a photo next to it. Turns out they were on a road trip across the states and they loved VWs, so we left with a tips on places to see when we hit the road for our next big trip, and they left with a photo they took by our bus. The bus is a magnet for interesting people, and we try to always take time to converse and get to know them. The last 20 miles of our four hour drive took us on a winding dirt road that carried us up above Gore Canyon, a rugged canyon in the upper Colorado River in Grand County, and it was our favorite part of the trek. We stopped off the road for a view of the canyon and rapidly flowing water, far below us. We let the last sun of the day kiss our cheeks as we stretched our legs and put on some layers, the evening drop in temperature reminding us we are in our home state, and summer days in the mountains always end with a sweater.

Amanda and Jake were married beside the Colorado River at Rancho Del Rio after spending the day rafting with their loved ones, and their wedding could not have been more beautiful.

Rancho provides Colorado River access for a variety of activities, and they have waterfront camping and cabins that can be rented and options to set up for a wedding or other special events. It was our first time at this venue and it's quite a gem! There we were, in a bus, down by the river -- does it get more perfect than that? We take a few weddings per year where couples book our photo booth + wedding photography package and I am the head photographer while Leo runs the photo booth, and this was one of them in 2018. They enjoyed the bus fully, using it for part of their group photos and photos with the two of them in it before we opened up the photo booth for their reception. In typical Colorado fashion, the sky suddenly opened up and poured rain on us in the middle of their bride + groom photos, but Leo came to the rescue with umbrellas and we ran to shelter to wait it out before the ceremony began. We love being around couples who love each other the way Amanda and Jake do. That kind of love that radiates. They tied the knot by the river and then danced the night away to a live band while their guests jumped in and out of the bus throughout the evening, snapping pics and laughing their tales off with all the props. The bus always brings the partaayyyyy!