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3 Reasons To Visit Lake Dillon, CO and Why We Spent Our 2020 Summer Camping & Sailing There

Would you believe us if we told you we have sailed at 9,000 feet in the high desert state of Colorado? It's true, and we did it for the first time during 2020 amidst a world pandemic.

After all of our photo booth bus events were cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID-19, we decided find adventure in our backyard and discovered what we had been missing out on all this time up at Lake Dillon, CO. What would normally be a busy summer of wandering in the bus to weddings and events across the state, quickly turned into an empty calendar that led us to an unexpected and adventurous summer of sailing at high elevation—including some thrilling moments sailing through a hailstorm, getting caught in a race between 20 sailboats, and finding our way back to the marina with barely any wind.

sailing on Lake Dillon, Colorado

Where have you found solitude or adventure in the challenging times of 2020?

We searched and found both on the pristine waters of Lake Dillon and camping in our VW bus. Whether you are local to Colorado or visiting from out of state, we have put together 3 reasons you should add this awesome town to your list of places to visit, along with snippets from our adventures there this summer.

VW bus camping in Colorado

About Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon is technically referred to as "Dillon Reservoir" as it is a large freshwater reservoir that supplies water to the City of Denver, but most refer to it as "Lake Dillon", and legend has it The Old Town of Dillon sits at the bottom of the reservoir--an underwater ghost town never to be seen again.

Where Is Lake Dillon?

Lake Dillon is located in Summit County right off of Interstate 70, about 2 hours drive west from Denver International Airport. It sits between the towns of Dillon, Frisco, and Silverthorne and the U.S. Forest Service manage the campgrounds in the area that are part of the White River National Forest, as seen on the map below.

If you live anywhere on the front range in Colorado, it is easy to get to Lake Dillon for a weekend trip, or even a daytrip if you are feeling motivated. If you are visiting from out of state, it's a straight shot from Denver International Airport (D